EczeMate Balance ointment is an effective, fast-acting solution for your eczema, safe for you or your child. Dr. Nedostupenko combines the natural healing properties of organic herbs and oils with the skin’s ability to heal itself to correct the skin’s imbalance. Stop the vicious cycle of treating symptoms, damaging your total body health for short term relief. Let your skin function normally again with EczeMate.

The natural, organic ingredients are wild-harvested for their anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and itch-relieving functions. This means that within two to ten days you can be free from cracked, red and itchy skin. Our promise to you!

Mothers, EczeMate is safe and effective for your child of any age.

EczeMate Balance ointment contains a powerhouse of effective ingredients, each selected for its particular effect and interaction with the whole composition, understanding the way certain plants mirror specific skin functions and the manner in which each interacts with the skin to stimulate and support a normally functioning immune response.
Each ingredient has an important job to do, whether delivering an antipruritic (itch relief) or stimulating the body’s own healing function to alleviate the inflammation. But it is Dr. Nedostupenko’s proprietary way of stabilizing these ingredients by combining them at specific temperatures and sequences that produces a unique molecular chain that enhances your cells’ immune function and stimulates your body’s natural healing ability.

EczeMate will work for you because it:
  • Inhibits inflammation
  • Calms redness, blistering and cracking
  • Stops itching
  • Contains high concentrations of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, tocopherols and carotenoids
  • Safe to use on infants
  • Does not contain harmful corticosteroids, immune modulators, parabens or petrochemicals

EczeMate delivers itch relief and essential moisture, encourages resilience, and alleviates inflammation. The essential ingredients reduce trans-epidermal water loss. The fatty acid composition is similar to natural skin oils, including those acids which are crucial to the maintenance of the skin’s water barrier functions. It kills bacteria, but is nourishing and soothing to the skin. We are proud to offer products based on the wisdom of nature, and know that their purity and efficacy will help nurture your skin and help you live freer.

Please Note: The product information contained herein has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products are supplements and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

How do I apply EczeMate?
From the small sample container, apply a thin, even layer to affected areas. Larger areas of eczema are easier to cover once product has been gently warmed with a blow-dryer. Only reapply when the product has been washed off or rubbed off by constant contact. Improvements will be noticeable within 1-2 days; severe eczema will be relieved within 30 days.

Has anyone experienced negative side effects with this product?
No, EczeMate is made from all-natural, organic herbs and oils which only benefit the skin.

Is the video real?
Yes. The video was taken over a period of several weeks under Dr. Nedostupenko’s direct care.

If I am unsatisfied with the product, how do I return it?
We are certain you will be satisfied once you try the small sample jar. Should you be unsatisfied with your results, you may return the unopened larger jar and a refund will be issued. It’s our 100% money-back guarantee that you will love our products!

How do I write a review of EczeMate?
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“Thank you. We used the 1/2 oz on my 4 mo old granddaughter. She has eczema from literally head to toe and just grunts and squirms in her sleep, rarely crying because of the itching. She thinks it’s normal since she’s been this way since she was two weeks old. The doctor finally gave us a script lotion with hydrocortisone but I just hate putting it on her skin twice a day and can’t use it as a preventative. The EczeMate has been used on shiny, welped, almost infected elbows and hands, calves of her legs and her little ankles and feet, on her head, chest and back and the next morning it’s just a pink area. She has open blisters on her outer ankles and elbows where she is constantly rubbing any surface.


Each ingredient was painstakingly selected for its particular effect and interaction with the others. EczeMate herbs and oils are grown bio-dynamically and organically. They are ethically wild-harvested at their highest peak of potency. It contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants and naturally occurring essential fatty acids made with 100% natural wild-harvested and organic ingredients. Beeswax (cera Flava), Rose Hip Oil (Oleum Rosa Moschata), Black Currant Seed Oil (Oleum Ribes Nigrum) & Flaxseed Oil.

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