Founder Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko, cardiovascular surgeon and scientist, is on a mission to bring relief to all who suffer from the two most prevalent skin disorders, eczema and psoriasis. He graduated from Moscow Medical College. He is one of few to become a heart surgeon by the age of 25. He spent years as a scientific researcher at Science Research Institute for Cardiovascular Surgery, Academy of Medical Science. For the last ten years he has devoted his efforts to eczema and psoriasis. How did a heart surgeon become more interested in dermatology than his own discipline? Here is his story.


My mission began as a selfish one, inspired by my need for help with my own condition. My constant scrubbing for surgery had produced chronic hand eczema (CHE) so severely that it interfered with my comfort during surgical procedures. With intense itching, cracking and bleeding….well, you can imagine trying to perform delicate surgeries while dealing with these symptoms.


During a visit with my mother she reminded me of the formulas that had been handed down by my great-great-grandfather; also a physician, researcher and renowned lecturer. Even though I remembered hearing about people waiting in line for his miracle ointment, I doubted the efficacy of the ointment due to my lectures in medical school. I arrogantly thought we modern day doctors knew more than anyone could have known from decades before. We certainly had been told that there was nothing that could eradicate this condition, only corticosteroids or immunomodulators–some with heavy contraindications–that could provide only short term symptom relief. I confirmed this with my dermatology colleagues, when searching for any new products on the market.


After studying the research and findings, and desperate for relief, I set about producing the formula he had written down for eczema. This took several months but I was determined especially after reading the end results. After gathering the right ingredients and several trial and error test runs, I didn’t waste anytime applying the ointment to my own hands when I finished with the formula. Within minutes, the itching subsided. This alone would have been worth the time and trouble, so you can understand how amazed I was in after less than one week of use, the cracked, bleeding skin on my fingers and hands was completely healed. I realized then the gravity of what my great-great-grandfather had formulated and why people waited in line for hours to get their hands on this ointment.


This spurred profound interest in all of the formulas that were left behind. My next formulation was for psoriasis, one of the more difficult skin disorders to treat. My colleague who suffered from psoriasis for twenty-two years was eager to try the formula. Within just a few days of application his skin was free of scales and he began to see inclusions of normal skin over the next week. He was symptom-free after three weeks of use. Here was a medical professional that was astounded: his skin was free of the scales that had covered 60-70% of his body.